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the best investment is knowledge


  • Do you want to make immense growth in your career?
  • Do you want annual growth?
  • Do you want to invest in knowledge?

Everyone is driving after earnings, but unhappily no-one desires to spend in learning. If you invest in your education, earning will arise automatically. “The Biggest Investment in your Money that can anytime fall, but the best investment is knowledge will give you the highest Profit.” – Zayd Haji To know the purpose of why to invest in yourself, read the blog.

the best investment is knowledge
the best investment is knowledge

Compounding Inflation Compounding inflation cuts off your saving accounts. Before following compounding inflation, let us know what the compounding impact is. When interest applied to the benefit of the principal amount, it called compounding interest. It is the compounding effect. So, inflation is lowering your shopping and purchasing ability. It is having on the actual value of your capital. Let us know this with the help of some examples. For Example In 2000, the average cost of pursuing an MBA from a mediocre college was Rs 200,000. The following payroll package of that MBA pupil was Rs 300,000. In 2019, the average fee of doing an MBA is Rs 2,000,000, and the payroll package of that MBA pupils got is Rs 900,000. It reveals that the price of education has risen ten times, but the value of earning has risen only three times. It is called inflation. Inflation is not just decreasing your return on investment, but it also involves negative growth. Example: If the buildup rate is 8% and you are making a return of 4% on your savings account. It means that you are de-growing by 4%. It implies that 50% of your capital cost is de-growing. You are not enduring growth in your career because the rate of inflation growth is higher than or equivalent to your salary increase.

the best investment is knowledge
the best investment is knowledge

Compounding Growth If you are increasing with compounding growth, then inflation will grow very short, and you will grow dominant. Assume 3000 Assistant Executives promoted subsequent every three years turn-by-turn in the automobile corporation. By this thought, there should be 3000 Managers and 3000 directors. But this is not the fact! There is only one Director and a few Managers because people in feebler associations promoted initially, but later their promotion takes place gradually.

the best investment is knowledge
the best investment is knowledge

Why invest in yourself? When you cease investing in yourself, after a particular time, the turn-by-turn progression ends occurring. You can receive compounding growth only by ‘out-of-turn promotion’ in which the payroll packages increase with a very high percentage. In such a situation, an improvement in inflation will not influence your growth.

the best investment is knowledge
the best investment is knowledge

How to make an out-of-turn promotion? You can make the out-of-turn promotion by investing in your intellects. The millionaires do not become a millionaire by investing in the market; they spent in their business and their intellects. Whether you are an assistant or an entrepreneur, there is only one approach to grow – invest in knowledge, investing in your intellects. Some examples of millionaires who invest in knowledge:

  • Successful People own Reading Habits
  • Bill Gates – Read 500-pages novel in a day and 50 books in a year
  • Oprah Winfrey – Read one book in a month
  • Mark Zuckerberg – read a book every two weeks
  • Warren Buffett and Elon Musk – They state that they are successful only because of reading the book.

So, reduce the impact of inflation on your growth by investing in knowledge and intellect.

Come out of comfort zone and discover yourself

No one in the creation is similar. One may be goodie at one point and faulty at the other, although the other one might be the accurate opposite.

Likewise, when at eras, you dearth in the crucial point in your life that tends you going; the other one might be full of it.

Yeah, I am saying about Motivation. Motivation comes from failure, look to your failures.  

the best investment is knowledge
the best investment is knowledge


The topic has never halting rat race; we do get unsatisfied and mislie every so often. We feel like we are nil and none. When the whole thing looks to go to the leftward and all the gates to the rightward is closed.

All you need to realize that you have to do is RIGHT NOW, cause sometimes RIGHT NOW becomes NEVER and that’s when you fell in guilt.

Nope! You cannot let yourself to be disappointed at any time in your life.

“If you can’t dream, then think,

If you cannot think, then believe,

If you cannot believe, then wake-up,

Wake-up and Perform, But no matter what you do,

You have to keep giving your Best.”

Does not matter you lose.

Feel Proud that, At least you gave your Best.

Therefore, to help yourself get up from your comfort zone, discover yourself, and have the fire burning in you.

Zayd Haji

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Zaid Haji (born on Eid-Al-Fitr February 1, 1998) is an author and writer, best known for his blogs on finance and the market.

Zayd Haji – A businessperson whose passion got to found Al Zayd Corp. Al Zayd Corp is a group of companies, has successfully owned into blogging and various activities. Al Zayd Corp has successfully staked into multifarious activities – Financial Investment and Portfolio Management Services.

Zayd Haji has 3-years' experience in financial analysis and financial content writing. Zayd Haji is also a graduate from Pune University in a Bachelor of Business Administration Finance. Zayd Haji has worked with firms in the least stages of their development from the start-up to maturity.

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"A book is the only place that makes your imagination grow spacious. Reading will help one relieve their stress and gain knowledge." – Zayd Haji.

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