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resolution of year

I wanted to write this article to bestow my wish list and resolution of year with everyone, as that is one step of conveying my emotions and reaffirming that I serve all My New Year resolution!

My parents and yours, too, would perpetually ask for my New Year resolution and wish list for Christmas and New Year, by asking me. So have you prepared your wish list, and what decisions have you set for the coming year?”

My New Year resolution and wish list resolution of year were endless, and also though I never knew all that I hoped for, I remain thankful as it held me hoping and believing harder to fulfill those dreams and aims.

Singing hymns, decorating the Christmas tree, hanging Mistletoe and laurels, expecting for Santa Claus, exchanging gifts and cards; Christmas stories do set the holiday experience.

With the gala season in complete swing, we all have our vacation shopping and wrapping, parties, gatherings, dinners, trips, and our busy schedule on the head of that to take responsibility. It does take a bit of excitement at times.

The holidays intended to be a chance to be happy that we should deal with our family and friends, where we deliver thanks for all we possess and wish each other well.

So hereabouts is my wish list that I crave for you, all my friends, and family –

  • I wish that all your visions come true, and you get what you seem for in the coming year.
  • I wish you to get happiness, joy, love, contentment, patience, confidence, and respect in your lives.
  • I wish for nourishing friends and family.
  • I wish for new chances and connections for my family, friends, and myself.
  • I wish that you let-go of your concerns, worries, troubles, difficulties, and sorrows to encompass self-confidence and desire into your life.
  • I wish that you love life to the whole, taking each day as it occurs, making it as it were the last.
  • I wish you get to hold in who and what you are, consider in yourself, as much as I do.

These are my wishes for you all for the coming year, and I wish and pray to the Almighty that they get accomplished.

Coming to resolutions, they got to be ensued and reveal your deepest wish to fulfill something new and vital in life. When you make decisions, you turn to do something you have nevermore done before.

Most personalities make resolutions to practice more, lose weight, quit drinking and smoking, get a medical followup done, or achieving unattainable aims, which they always give up as shortly the first-month derivations! We disappoint when it gets to stick to resolutions, so much so that most personalities state never to make resolutions again!

So, I don’t desire to make resolutions that I cannot hold or seek and aim for the sky! Alternatively, I intend to make small resolutions by practicing baby steps to achieve them, which I know I will aim for and meet before the succeeding New Year.

1- Spending more living with my family and friends

I presume most of us sense that we are spending less time with our families and friends due to our endless tasks. I have been going too involved with my blogs, clients, and other writing jobs, which has addressed me to neglect my family and friends a big opportunity. I choose to spend more time with them from the coming year.

2- Acquiring the skill of time-management

Time-management is a vital concern with most people, and no matter how difficult we try, we do get picked up somewhere or the other. I need to balance my family and work, for which I want to excel in the art of managing my time more effectively. While I do work and drive to the best of my abilities, I believe I can do better.

3- Creating a plan accessible to achieve

We manage to work randomly or without thinking about anything, which may guide us to work in a Chaotic or disorganized way. I choose to be more firm and organized by thinking something well in progress, assuring that they are achievable.

4- Reducing the time on social media

Most of us do overspend time on social media, which controls our family and work, creating family difficulties. I need to devote more efforts to my performance and reduce the time spent on social media sites, something I have required to do but not went down to it yet. But that doesn’t suggest neglecting my friends!

5- Building my pending tasks

We all have an endless to-do listing that we strive hard to achieve, but due to several other purposes are not prepared to and keep procrastinating everything. I choose to complete all my unfinished tasks, like finishing my website errors and publishing my written blog onto WordPress within the next year.

6- Enjoy life

Dance, sing, music, draw, color, make cheerful, have fun, parties, movies, outings, shopping, and the endless list of exercises are all the stuff most of us like to do. But we get hooked up with other responsibilities and duties that prevent us from experiencing these small moments of life. I decide to take out some time to enjoy myself alongside performing my work.

7- Getting to let go, forgive, and forget

We all seem to have our ups and downs in career, but we require to let go of the small things that make us down. We want to forgive and forget, no matter how difficult it gets at times, and learn to pass on in life. I choose not to take everything to mind and become surer by letting go of things more easily.

8- Accept and adapt

Sometimes it does go tough to accept and adjust to some stuff around us. If we need things to serve, we want to take them in the present situation – as they are and adapt to those surroundings. I choose to accept and adjust better to oneself and surroundings.

9- Spread and bestow more love

We want to take out the chance to spread and convey love and emotions with our pleasant and dear ones. Most of us become so interested in our beings and work that we frequently manage to forget about the kindness and respect of others, which is the first need of life. I choose to get more time for my partner, children, parents, and family.

“Precious behind payments are good resolutions. Important behind payments are good feelings.” ~ H. R. Haweis

10- Getting out time for myself and become a better version of me!

Being a freelance writer is not simple. In-fact if you are a writer, leading your own business, serving from home or your workplace, blogger, businessperson, or merely serving, where do you have the chance for yourself? I want to choose to contribute some quality time every day with and for myself and become a better personality!

So, that’s my wish list and resolutions for the forthcoming year. I would be seeking my best to manage my decisions to cause a better move in my life. Now that it’s out in public, I know I will be prepared and seek my very best effort.

May the sense of this holiday season fill your soul with love, peace, and calmness. I wish each one of you a Merry Christmas and a wonderfully Happy New Year.

Don’t be hesitant to say, ‘I adore you.’ Repeat it. They are the most beloved words in life.” ~ Ann Landers.

What is your wish list and resolutions, if you have addressed any? How do you propose to achieve your decisions? Do share in the comments below.


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