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Recruitment Process in HRM

What is Recruitment Process in HRM?

Recruitment Process in HRM relates to the process of recognizing, attracting, examining, choosing, selecting, and onboarding employees. 

In other words, it includes everything from the connecting of a staffing need to electing it when depending on the area of an organization. The Recruitment Process in HRM is the ability of a variety of workers.

Recruitment Process in HRM is a process of knowing the job vacancy, explaining the job demands, evaluating applications, choosing, shortlisting, and choosing the best candidate.

What is the Selection Process in HRM?

In human resource management, the “Recruitment Process in HRM” is the process of locating and hiring the safest and several qualified candidates for a business opening conveniently and cost-effectively.

The selection process in hrm of selecting or picking the best candidate. Who is most proper for a vacant job situation in a business.

The selection process in hrm is long-spun and tiresome. Every applicant has to progress through the selection process in hrm before he/she can get elected for the business.

Real-Life Example of the recruitment and selection process in hrm

ICICI Bank Recruitment Process for Freshers:

The ICICI Bank Recruitment Process for Freshers consists of the subsequent actions

  • Online Aptitude test
  • Online Psychometric Questionnaire
  • Case-based Group Discussion (GD)
  • Personal Interview (PI)
  • Merit List


  • Are you incapable of hiring the best workforce in your organization?
  • Do you know the best recruitment process in HRM for hiring the best candidate?

Hiring is a well-organized process that determines your company’s future. A wrong candidate hired in a rush, without following the relevant system, can “obstruct your entire business” and become a trouble for your business.

A productive employee can do your job, and an unproductive employee can demolish your business.

Hence, the hiring process is essential for building an organization’s future.

Below given seven crucial recruitment process measures, will assist you in hiring the best candidate in the correct position with the usual process, which will help your business thrive.

Tips#1: Prepare, Plan and the Process

Before hiring a candidate, you have to prepare the perfect “hiring process” to obtain the qualities and abilities of a candidate. You have to perform:

Complete job analysis

Job specification and designations

Job duties

Job summary

Job purpose and importance

It’s worth and contribution to the achievement of a business.

A recruiter requires to acquaint the candidate about the challenges he/she is going to face at the performance role.

Moreover, you have to develop a systematic process to judge candidates-





Roles & Top 3 future goals


Tip #2: Internal Promotion of External Hiring

Before hiring an external candidate, you have to determine whether it can substitute through internal job revolution/promotion or not.

Promoting an in-house employee at a higher level of inspires faith among your employees, which is best for your company.

However, if you have determined to hire an external candidate, then you have to select an interview discussion of expert and skilled employees to assess all perspectives of a candidate.

It must involve cross-functional employees to resolve different competencies of a candidate before hiring.

Tip #3: Cultural Fit

Another most crucial circumstance during the hiring process is whether an external candidate will be fit with the working environment of your company. 

It would help if you questioned the candidate:

What kind of working knowledge and environment like by the applicant?

Which kind of chief likes by the candidate?

What is his desire job?

What is his comfort level?

What is his educational background?

You must also conclude whether he/she is a team player or an individual player.  


Tip #4: Judge the Potential, Performance, Skill and Will

The interviewing process must judge the following qualities of a candidate:

Potential: The interview process should be created in such a way to judge the skills of a candidate, which can be essential for your company’s growth.

Performance: Go through his achievement in the previous job to check his performance.

Skill: Judge technical and manageable skills that need for a particular role.  

Will: It is required to access the level of involvement of a candidate towards his job. 

While judging the competencies of a candidate, it is crucial to assure that a candidate is neither a job hopper nor he has a long break in career. Judge his promotions and ability progress in previous jobs.

Tip #5: Examine the Hard Skill and Soft Skill

In your recruitment process levels following hard and soft skills require to be assessed during the interview process:

Hard Skills:

Functional focus competencies

Technological skills

Knowledge of mathematical analysis and data tunneling

Network Information System

Digital Marketing (SEO or SME)

Accounting or Finance

Soft Skills:

Communication skills

Leadership, Motive, Faith

Flexibility, Endurance

Team Work, Problem-solving skill

Decision-making capacity

Public Speaking, Verbal & Visual Communication


Tip #6: Examine the Background and Reference

Assure the most reliable recruitment process; it is essential to examine the working achievement of a candidate in his/her previous company. 

Most of the companies do not examine the background of a candidate before hiring, which sometimes occurs in hiring a candidate with an unimpressive experience candidate.

You must make a call to references given by the candidate to consider his/her skills and essence.

Tip #7: Make them feel Welcome Orientation and Initiation in Detail

Once you have hired a candidate, give him/her a cordial welcome by introducing it with other employees of the organization.

Apprise him/her about the rule and policies of the organization.

Explain to them about their role and your expectations from them.

Through these most reliable seven recruitment process rounds, you can not only hire an exceptional candidate but also employ him/her for a more prolonged period.


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