Zayd’s Rules: Business and Money for Life.

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Zayd’s Rules: Business and Money for Life.

How will this book help you?

Do you favor yourself to be an Employee or Employer?

Ask yourself, what would you favor to be, an employee, or an employer?

You may think why I am proposing this question because you will perceive whether you have an urge to start a business and be an entrepreneur or get employed to an entrepreneur.

Author Zayd Haji states,

As an employee, you employed for others. You generate money for others and earn a salary, usually a hard and quick amount of money for every hour you’re employed, or a set regular amount.

As an entrepreneur, you’re employed for yourself and hire personalities. It empowers you to improve your financial condition and get far more money than an employee. Since you’re the proprietor of your business, you’ll presumably work harder, earn more, and have more authenticity.

For some beings, the idea of being their boss is inferring. They may preferably work for others because they believe more dependable and don’t despair about driving business.

As an employee, you’ll be capable of getting progress and consider where you’re employed, and you’ll be able to get a high position and earn well.

As an employer, you continuously ought to get ways to endeavor out customers, grow your orders, and grow your business. However, if the corporate succeeds, you’d get far more money.

“Own a business & enough money that lives forever.” – Zayd Haji

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