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PayPal acquires Israel based Crypto security start-up, Curv.


PayPal has granted to procure Curv, a provider of cloud-based support to online asset security-based within Tel Aviv, Israel. The purchase remains what they define as progress to improve their expedition and development to promote cryptocurrencies and online assets.


Who are the parties to the deal?

PayPal allows payment services and explications concerning both individual customers and companies. The organisation enables individual customers to buy, secure payments, and transfer funds with comparative efficiency.

A new service from PayPal allows its customers to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrency directly from their PayPal account.

PayPal Overview

PayPal Inc., a subsidiary of digital vendor eBay, Inc., grants users a medium of transferring funds through the Web Internet, an advanced action in promoting programmed dealing. PayPal users execute payments securely, digital accepting credit cards or net banking transfers and save funds in individual interest-bearing PayPal accounts. PayPal managed around $3.1 billion in revenues achieved, with an average amount of about 189,000 payments calculating $9.6 million.


Key Figures 

  1. Mind-blowing PayPal Estimates and Calculation Figures
  2. PayPal currently possesses 361 million active users.
  3. eBay acquired PayPal for $1.5 billion, solely to separate from it during 2015.
  4. The medium PayPal user carries 40 deals per year.
  5. 5% of digital customer’s employ PayPal.
  6. PayPal possessed $21.5 billion in net revenue during 2020.



With approximately 361 million active user accounts and 9.9 billion transactions in the year 2018, PayPal (PYPL) remains a substantial e-commerce colossus with a bright prospect and loyal user stand, which increase as more modern customers encompass digital payment platform.

The company remains highly profitable, collecting more than $15 billion in earnings in 2018 and worldwide in range, with the program practising 100 currencies in higher than 200 world markets.


Curv Company Overview

Curv remains a developer concerning digital asset security infrastructure, improving crypto-native and financial institutions to perform online wallet.

Curv creates a cryptocurrency security corporation that assists one to store crypto assets securely. The company promotes cloud-based assistance that lets one reach crypto wallets without any hardware tool.


Key Statistics 

Digital asset protection start-up Curv Inc. proclaimed it had accumulated $23 million in additional funding. “Despite a struggling financial atmosphere, Curv observing a substantial increase among regular financial companies, who need enterprise-grade protection support, strong governance device and seamless alliance with blockchain technology,” Itay Malinger, chief executive officer of Curv, states.



Curv, a foremost supplier of cloud-based support for digital asset protection, currently assists more than 200 coins and symbols on added blockchains. The product remains perpetually pen-tested furthermore peer-reviewed through world-leading cryptographers.


Why does the market matter?

Market Overview

“The procurement of Curv remains a component of the purpose to invest in the expertise and technology to achieve the concept for a more comprehensive financial operation.” PayPal remains also resembling to stab Curv’s technical expertise, entrepreneurial vision and crypto technology.

Curv produces the industry’s leading cloud-based Institutional Digital Asset Wallet Service powered through groundbreaking cryptography. Curv decreases the blockchain’s immutable singular trait of negligence by reducing the notion of hidden keys and proffering an enterprise-grade system tool.



PayPal Holdings, Inc.’s CAGR (7 years) of 24.2 per cent ranks against the 86.9 percentile concerning the sector. PayPal Holdings Inc’s Compound Annual Growth Rate held higher than the company’s average 14.1 per cent and more elevated than 19.15 per cent growth.


Industry key developments

The potential dynamics within the payments industry develop as companies and customers exchange dollars from cash and cheques to digital payment systems. Cards dominate the in-store and local stores, but mobile wallets like PayPal observe an accelerated hike in acceptance and cover the plan for the prospect of payments.


Who do they compete in the industry?

PayPal’s benefit holds that it stands as an enormous, multi-service program; competitors are not eternally proclaimed. For instance, Stripe stands intended for online businesses. Other alternatives compete on varied aspects, including Google Play. Each feigns something bizarre to the board, so the most suitable choice depends on the particular customer’s digital fund methods. The developing four organisations remain in healthy competition with PayPal.

  1. Skrill
  2. Payoneer
  3. Google Pay
  4. Stripe


What’s next?

  • Curve planning to remain based in Israel and promotes infrastructure for financial services businesses to ensure their online assets and cryptocurrencies.
  • The organisation had declared an innovative service concerning its customers to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies from their PayPal accounts.
  • The deal tags PayPal’s following action in adopting cryptocurrency as it progresses out its new business lot concerning blockchain and crypto.

PayPal has additionally funded in and partnered amidst Paxos, a controlled cryptocurrency trading and settling program, which remains encouraging potential PayPal’s endeavours in this scope.


What are the plans of the company?

  • The company understands the transformation to online currencies that remains necessary and produces several benefits: effectiveness, readiness, and flexibility in payments.
  • PayPal plans a drive to consider with online digital currencies. Its digital payment abilities, two-sided system, and well-defined protection and yielding limitations.
  • It is further, focusing on building customer knowledge and selection of cryptocurrency.

The company is launching the experience to purchase, hold and sell preferred cryptocurrencies. That initially highlights Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum dealing instantly within the PayPal digital wallet.
















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