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quick service restaurant

How to start a quick service restaurant Business Blog Series – Possibly higher than any other, the Quick service food industry is responsive to customer needs. – Michael Pollan


The purpose of starting a food restaurant would have fulfilled your mind once in life. Isn’t it?

But are you misunderstood,

Whether to begin a QSR or FSR?

  • How to start a quick service restaurant in India?
  • How would a quick service restaurant be more successful?

If you have determined to start a quick-service restaurant, then how to begin it and execute it to be successful, what would be your next goal?

No need to be worried further, here we will consider the plans on how to start a quick service restaurant and execute it to be successful?

How to start a quick service restaurant Business Blog Series – Yet if you don’t deem you can cook food properly, you can prepare better than the quick-service food industry. – Michael Pollan

quick service restaurant

How to start a quick service restaurant Business Blog Series – “An endowment in knowledge repays the most beneficial returns.” – Benjamin Franklin

How QSR Varies from FSR?

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) allows fast food at a fair price and least time. The thought of QSR is developing fast because today, personalities have no time nor patience.

In QSR, the fixed menu is planned in the majority and the semi-cooked order so that whenever the customer orders, they can present the food in the least time while sustaining its quality.

Full-Service Restaurant (FSR) allows complete cuisine, like Chinese, Thai, Indian, Continental, etc. It is fit for fine dining, and it is comparatively costly. Here, people occur to spend some time and eat rich and the ambiance design, respectively.

The full-service restaurant regularly does not cook a lot of food in advance because of the diversity they offer, and hence, it demands time for them to cook food.

How to start a quick service restaurant Business Blog Series – I do read a lot about food and the quick-service food industry, so I decide to have nearby and go to the food restaurant. – Nikki Reed

quick service restaurant

How to start a quick service restaurant Business Blog Series – I enjoy food, and the quick-service food industry is enormous, and I prefer investing in it. – Chubby Checker

Purposes for the Success of QSR

Commencing a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) has become the standard. Why is this so? Let’s discuss the reasons for its success of QSR:

Limited Food Menu.

Semi-cooked food dishes. (Repetition of the identical goods).

Franchisor and Franchisee both are readily achievable in the business.

The original price per meal is less due to mass production and bulk cooking.

Simple to replicate; so, sales volume increases.

Outlets are available, whether it is a Mall, Railway station, or Market Area.

It gives delicious food within minutes.

How to start a quick service restaurant Business Blog Series – “Life is unpredictable. Have food first.” – Ernestine Ulmer

quick service restaurant

How to start a quick service restaurant Business Blog Series – “You don’t require a silver fork to have a good meal.” – Paul Prudhomme

How to Start a Quick Service Restaurant?

Below consider are 10 Suggestions for starting a successful Quick Service Restaurant in India:

Tip #1: Discovery in Product and Method

The quick-service restaurant business requires constant innovation in cooking and the manner of cooking food.

Example: Burger King serves the Burger as other fast-food restaurants but with a changed name and taste, viz., Indian Burger, Keema Pao, Patiala Shahi, Udta Punjab, etc.

Do not solely confer a food recipe;

Strive to represent them creatively.

Tip #2: Utility of Technology

Today, your business methods should digitalize to perform it successfully. In a quick-service restaurant, the value of software and technology benefits in – Accepting Orders, Billing, Inventory holding, Backend assistance of Supply Chain Management, and Handling things in a better approach.

Tip #3: Regulated services for Improvement

In a quick-service restaurant, you must have-

  • Centralized Acquirement
  • Sustaining Supply- 1. High-grade quality, 2. Well-timed Delivery
  • Hosiery and Inventory Management- 1. Quick Product 2. Slow Product 3. Non-Moving Product

Tip #4: Quality Control and Continuous Inspection

It would help if you had quality control at every department of your quick-service restaurant business, whether it is – Cookery, Delivery, Packaging, Duties, or Billing.

Do a precise inspection of every outlet as well as the Kitchen.

Also, consider the responsibility of the following matters – Hiring, Coaching, Managing Complaints, Building Reports, Quality Service, Safety, Cleaning, and Maintenance.

Tip #5: Detention of Quality Manpower at Affordable Allowances

To be thriving in a quick-service restaurant in India, you should hire a quality workforce at affordable allowances.

You require not to hire an executive-level cook or a celebrity chef because food recipes and elements already decided. So, try to preserve excellent faculty at an affordable expense.

Tip #6: Regularity on Excellence & Management

In a quick-service restaurant, the mindset and practice of your crew should be very confident and agreeable. Please encourage them to approach and communicate with customers in a standardized manner and knowledge.

Tip #7: Taste in Food

Seek to assure exceptional “Wow feeling” in your food. Your food should deliver ultimate and memorable taste to your customers.

The taste should be such that customers stepping out of your restaurant, should state, “Experienced the delicious taste.”

Like the products of Amul had a bizarre flavor, and they are sustaining this taste from inspection until today.

Tip #8: Unique Exceptional Fast Service

Fast food restaurant implies “Order must be delivered fast and not slow.”

So, you require to prepare the backend service methods in an approach to deliver the order to customers at a quick time.

Tip #9: Controlling the Cost of quick-service restaurant

You can check the different types of expense in the following steps in the quick-service restaurant business:

  • Raw supplies: Always acquire raw material as per your necessity
  • High rents: Do not spend more in a particular area
  • Labor expense: Always hire a team as per your necessity
  • Food price: Strive to evade leakages and wastages from the very start of your restaurant

Tip #10: Manage your Average Ticket Size (ATS)

In a quick-service restaurant, seek to transform your snacks into a meal. Provide your customers with a Combo Meal or add a new product series, and this will enhance your turnover automatically.

These suggestions will assist you in starting a successful quick-service restaurant in India and taking your restaurant to a higher level.

How to start a quick service restaurant Business Blog Series – “The mystery of achievement in life is to eat what you want and invest in businesses that are in demand. Let the food industry challenge it out and in.” – Mark Twain


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