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How to develop a good relationship

Business blog series on how to develop a good relationship


  • How to develop a good relationship and connection with anyone?
  • Do you want everyone to believe in your trademark?
  • Do you want to enhance your communication?

Business blog series on how to develop a good relationship

How to develop a good relationship

Business blog series on how to develop a good relationship

Well! We all desire that. Isn’t it?

But, do you know that without developing the knowledge to Influence and Convince personalities, you won’t be able to express your Unique Content and Thoughts to the World.

Let’s know considerably to identify that 3 Exceptional Advice on How to connect with oneself by which you will be capable to Impress, Influence, and surely encourage those around you.

In this blog, we are dealing with three ways to connect with personalities, which will allow you to influence and convince anyone.

Business blog series on how to develop a good relationship

How to develop a good relationship

Business blog series on how to develop a good relationship

1: Become a Connector 

Business is Legitimate, but Personalities are Emotional. Every personality has a Connection. All you have to do is – discover the Connection!

There is eternally a way to correlate with personalities.

You might have witnessed Security Officers and Policemen using a Metal Detector for a safety check.

Similarly, you will have to Identify a connection in personalities to be a connector.

For Example

If a person goes to a laptop store and states, “The battery of the laptop drains down quickly.” Now this problem is a connection because the battery issue is creating a challenge to the customer.


If there is a person who comes and states, “The laptop lacks a lot.” Now, this difficulty is also a connection. Do not let this Connection go, cling on to it, and possess it.

it is not about communication; it is about building trust.

It is not about acquainting people, and it is about connecting people.

Every personality has its Demands, Interests, Concerns, and Expectations, and from these inclinations, only you get the Connected.

You don’t have to discover a connection who will be from your side; perceive it from other’s appearance.

You don’t have to be attractive; you need to occupy other people’s concerns or queries. The time you get connected with someone, the personality starts considering connected with you.

  • You cannot control personalities by just addressing yourself.
  • To control or influence others, you require to make them know that you are engrossed in them.

The Connection could be from anything, viz., Games, Song, Movie, Technology, etc. You do not have to probe deep into this. Instead, you have to grasp the engagements to find the Connection.

Once you have to find the Connection, Repeat it!

How to Connect With Personalities Through Parroting & Paraphrasing

The most effective methods in finding Common Connection are Parroting and Paraphrasing.

The instant you find the Common Connection, promptly perform Parroting and Paraphrasing.

When one states something, and you repeat it, the other one feels connected with you. That may feel happy and comfortable to oneself.

So, the first step to influence anyone is to develop connections.

Business blog series on how to develop a good relationship

How to develop a good relationship

Business blog series on how to develop a good relationship

2: RAPP study

Meaning: R= Recreation | A= Aspiration | P=Profession | P= Problem

How to develop a connection with someone by doing the R.A.P.P. study of people?

Once you get connected with the person, now you can delve deep into their behavior. Now you require to communicate with:

Understanding? Not with pity?

In this, you require to know:

How does the person be comfortable, inspired, and what gives him pleasure?

It depends on your intention and not content, the farther you go, the higher it is for you.

Example 1:

If you show your phone to someone, he says, “you have only 4GB RAM, that’s nothing I have 6GB.”

Example 2:

If you tell, I walked for 3 Km, he states, that’s nothing to I managed to walk 5 Km.

So, the above cases show why somebody is unable to develop a Connection.

By this method of understanding the difficulty of the personality – you can better sense ways to develop a connection with people anywhere quickly.


3: Developing a Lifetime Impact

How to develop a connection with anyone by developing a lifetime impact on people’s minds?

Impact means images, and when you build a unique and strong opinion in one’s mind, then you can have the best communication with the person. So, even if you believe that you are incapable of communicating well with people, then don’t feel tensed because:

As an example, we can say customer happiness. It means dropping a lifetime impact. For example, people never switch their Hairdresser or their Car Mechanic because they occupied a lifetime trust. No one remembers the ordinary occurrence; everyone remembers the extreme.

So, to build a lifetime impact, you require to reach out to the intense sentiments of the people that connect you with them.


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