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advertise business

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Advertise Business Services for Brands 

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Advertise Business Services

Our Advertise Business Services presents SEO and Advertising services DRIVEN BY RESULTS

Hire us to perform organic outcomes for your business and overwhelm your competition.


Advertise Business Services for Brands and Individuals 


Advertise Business Services

We establish long-term relationships between people and brands through social communications.

Broad FACEBOOK Marketing

Opportunities are your customers will find you on Facebook. Deliver it the best first impression.


Supreme brand and follower increase through organized Instagram marketing.

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Establish your brand in a professional network. Use LinkedIn to build trustworthiness.


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Advertise Business Services on Al Zayd Corp

Here you will get all the information you want to advertise on Al Zayd Corp.

If this is your first visit to our post, I suggest that you read Al Zayd Corp’s introduction page to know more about the Al Zayd community and all that this website has to confer.

An Introduction to Al Zayd Corp

Hello, I’m Zayd Haji, CEO & Founder of Al Zayd Corp – and your purpose of communication for all media-related inquiries. Let me provide you an overview of the website and some of the advertisement prospects available for your business.

Al Zayd Corp started in January 2018 as a hobby. In a few short years, it has grown one of the most successful international blogs educating users about the world of expert blogging. Since our beginning, we have received many positive comments from around the globe.

This website concentrates on the following content niche:

Finance & Market Niche

Al Zayd Corp’s goal is to support smart people to become their chief. 

For the past two years, AZC has been the unicorn of the digital marketing niche. My aim with Al Zayd Corp is to establish blogging as an industry and encourage others to become their chief.

advertise business

Traffic Stats

Our latest stats :

Daily visits: 1,000+

Daily page views: 1500+

Instagram followers: 10,200 Followers

YouTube Followers: 200+ Subscribers

Facebook Fans: 4,000+

Monthly page views: 8,000+


We update these stats every four months. If you have any inquiries regarding traffic, please send us an email.

Advertisement and partnership chances

Knowing that every partnership is diverse, we give our clients a vast collection of advertisement solutions.

We are selective with associates, accepting only those companies/services that meet our quality of norms.

We attempt out long-term partnerships with companies that dedicate to deliver excellent services or products that are users prefer.

Here are some possible advertising chances that we allow at Al Zayd Corp. Depending upon your marketing plan, you can prefer one or create a custom bundle befitted to your requirements.

advertise business

Sponsored Blog Posts:

 Al Zayd Corp will publish your sponsored article in our blog category. You must provide the post. You must also give the images of your choice.

We own multiple health-related blogs after you order my gig, you will receive a list.

Website Metrics

Organic Visitor: Yes (Google & Bing)

Domain Age: 7 years

Domain Authority (DA): 34

Page Authority (PA): 33


Your post will never remove

Do-follow back-links will add a new value to your site.

Your website will get traffic from the post which can convert to new customers


Topics I Cover

  • Business Related
  • Money Related
  • Self-help Related

Guideline for sponsored content

The article must be at least 200 Words 

The post can contain up to 3 links (do-follow or no-follow) 

You can send an image (featured image) for your articles

We can do a “CUSTOM OFFER” as per all your needs. Please reach us if you want to inquire about a sponsored blog post.


advertise business

Social Media Advertisement

Branded social media posts, for only US$95 

Promotion and brand awareness of your product can be a hassle.

Zayd Haji will be posting quality content on his social media, exactly how you’d like it to get the awareness of your product.

Quality branded content, perfect for small businesses and start-ups:

  • One post per 2 days or every day on social media for a month.
  • Original visuals in your branding 
  • Industry-related projects in your branding
  • Dedicated time to research your brand and industry

Step 1: Getting to know you

You will answer a state about requirements so we get to know you and your business, which posts you’d like to see, and any other information you want to share. After that, we are dedicating time to research your company and industry.

Step 2: We start posting

After the quick survey, We will take some time to research your business and industry. We will begin providing our channels with quality branded content within three days. We are always open to content suggestions during the process.


Product Review: 

Product reviews are one of the pursuits of Al Zayd Corp.

We not only write complete reviews, but we also share blog posts and articles to use your product. If your product synchronized with our readers and the niche of our blog, send us an email with details, and we can discuss charges.

I’m a firm devotee in the thought that “one value doesn’t suit all,” and that’s why, depending upon the particular product, we will hash out a custom quotation for the review. Our basic package begins at $300.


Display Ads:

All of our display ad section you can inquire about and pre-book ad slots at Al Zayd Corp. Here are the available sections:

468*60 Header: $300/month

468*60 after post: $300

300*250 Sidebar : $500/month



We allow giveaway offers. Contact us for a quotation. We use expert tools to drive giveaways.


If you have an innovative idea for ad position or driving a media campaign, feel free to reach us. Creative opinions are always appreciated.

Payment Mode:

We admit payments via PayPal, Net transfer, or Bank Deposit.


Interested in working with us? Contact the Al Zayd Corp Team

Email – alzaydcorp@outlook.com

The modern era has eventually provided sufficient opportunity for the development of Business, offering reliable services, support, and products.

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Post Author: Zayd Haji

Zaid Haji (born on Eid-Al-Fitr February 1, 1998) is an author and writer, best known for his blogs on finance and the market.

Zayd Haji – A businessperson whose passion got to found Al Zayd Corp. Al Zayd Corp is a group of companies, has successfully owned into blogging and various activities. Al Zayd Corp has successfully staked into multifarious activities – Financial Investment and Portfolio Management Services.

Zayd Haji has 3-years' experience in financial analysis and financial content writing. Zayd Haji is also a graduate from Pune University in a Bachelor of Business Administration Finance. Zayd Haji has worked with firms in the least stages of their development from the start-up to maturity.

Zayd Haji's report provides a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the market, companies, demographics, and special attention to segments and buying patterns. The databases and sources utilized in his financial analysis are beyond Google, ensuring detailed reports and concise.
Market Analysis solutions offered; Equity Research Market Analysis Financial Investment Portfolio Building and Management. If you're smart to start investing by doing financial analysis or building an investment portfolio, we are happy to guide you with your investing capital.
"A book is the only place that makes your imagination grow spacious. Reading will help one relieve their stress and gain knowledge." – Zayd Haji.

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