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It brings me enormous joy and great pleasure while observing the overall performance of Al Zayd Corp – GROUP OF COMPANIES. It has been an eventful year when we have delivered and shown to the world what courage and determination can achieve. We believe you must bring one must be full of passion if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world. All of these elements brought us to found Al Zayd Corp in 2018.

Al Zayd Corp Group Of Companies. True to its spirit of uniqueness in concept.

Al Zayd Corp believes that passion is relay back to our readers & clientele through innovative and exciting content. Explore our site and all that we offer, perhaps – Al Zayd Corp works on converting visitors into customers. Since then, the blog has been thriving and has quickly gained a loyal following. We invite you to browse our site, learn about our passions, and explore.

Al Zayd Corp has successfully ventured into multifarious activities – Blogging, Novel writing, Financial Advisory, and Promotional Services. Indulging you with addictive blogs on Finance and Market contents influence you to bookmark. Discovery and insider tips from taste-makers and experts are making us your one-stop. Al Zayd Corp caters to all the needs and primary requirements of a wide range of financial advisory services. Al Zayd Corp promotes promotional service on our social media channels, and blogs are the ultimate online resource in promoting your product or content. With a loyal and trust following, delivering expertise and advice can reach a large number of audiences.


Passion is our strength.


We provide involvement & support to our clients.


We strive to perform at the highest service level.

We are new-age creators in the industry. We serve organizations to reach their absolute potential by gathering great ideas and use of technology. We want all our clients to believe occupied with us. We greet the opportunity to acquire what drives them and look forward to delivering their business to the following level.

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Accurate Investments are a Key Component to the Success of your Wealth Creation.

“A brand for a firm is like respect for a person. You earn reputation by seeking to do tough tasks well.” ― Zayd Haji

“Experiences grows and gains as you become mature and work hard for success.” ― Zayd Haji

Zayd Haji

Zaid or Zayd Haji a.k.a Prince

Zaid Haji (born on Eid-Al-Fitr February 1, 1998) is an author and writer, best known for his blogs on finance and market. 

Zayd Haji – A businessperson whose passion got to found Al Zayd Corp. Al Zayd Corp is a group of companies, has successfully owned into blogging and financial activities. Al Zayd Corp has successfully staked into multifarious ventures – Financial Investment and Wealth Management Services. 

Zayd Haji has 3-years’ experience in financial analysis and financial content writing. Zayd Haji is also a graduate from Pune University in a Bachelor of Business Administration Finance. Zayd Haji has worked with firms in the least stages of their development from the start-up to maturity. 

 Zayd Haji’s report provides a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the market, companies, demographics, and special attention to segments and buying patterns. The databases and sources utilized in his financial analysis are beyond Google, ensuring detailed reports, and concise. 

Market Analysis solutions offered; Equity Research Market Analysis Financial Investment Portfolio Building and Management. If you’re smart to start investing by doing financial analysis or building an investment portfolio, we are happy to guide you with your investing capital.

“A book is the only place that makes your imagination grow spacious. Reading will help one relieve their stress and gain knowledge.” – Zayd Haji.


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